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 Recognition - You Build It On a daily basis.

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PostSubject: Recognition - You Build It On a daily basis.   Thu Oct 13, 2011 1:49 pm

During my youth, my dad (a 20 year Air Force veteran) which is used to tell me; 揧ou are born with an individual last name, you really need to work hard to look after its reputation? That was advice to remember. The same is valid with your professional recognition.

Building and maintaining ones own reputation can be among the list of hardest tasks you could ever undertake. Why? Because your reputation is created every day, it seriously isn't a static event. Also, consistent execution on just a day in and day over basis on any task is usually a challenge. Few are when important as your history. It is important to distinguish that your reputation is certainly what others believe in relation to you, not what people think about yourself.

Most everyone recognizes the high profile visibility surrounding the departures in Robert Moffat, ex-SVP with IBM, and Mark Hurd, ex-CEO with Hewlett-Packard. Each had reputations to be squeaky clean, fiercely reliable, and two of the best quality leaders in a A lot of money 50 company. Both damaged or lost their jobs in shame. Hubris and poor opinion effectively ended their court careers.

Beware of letting a fabulous prideful act tarnish and also ruin a lifetime of creating your good reputation, no matter how innocuous it may appear the moment. As a litmus test out, if you are not ready have your mother various it on the cover for the Wall Street Journal, you probably are susceptible to exercising poor judgment. People today and companies have lengthy memories. The advent of technology and advertising and marketing can easily magnify the knowing of a poor decision.

A good reputation helps you aim higher in lifespan, personally and professionally. An effective reputation attracts positive interest, and can inspire others to try well. A good reputation can't be bought; it might only be earned. A person with a good reputation doesn't need to worry about what others give thought to them, for their behavior speak louder than words.
Go out and an issue good for yourself yet others today.
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Recognition - You Build It On a daily basis.
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