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 What the heck is Solid State Drive.

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What the heck is Solid State Drive. Empty
PostSubject: What the heck is Solid State Drive.   What the heck is Solid State Drive. Icon_minitimeMon Oct 10, 2011 4:33 pm

Term "solid state" comes from SOLID STATE PHYSICS which refers to the utilization of semiconductor devices rather as compared to electron tubes. A solid state drive is a data storage device that is certainly used for the memory space of solid state remembrance for presistent data. As there are actually no moving parts sound state drives are less fragile than hard disk, they are also silent unless a cooling fan is required.

First auxilliary memory STURDY STATE DRIVE (SSD) was emerged while in the era of Vaccum tubecomputer, after the usage was discontinued, as cheaper drum self storage units was made available. In 1970s and 1980s there seems to be need of SSD during semiconductor memory for ahead of time supercmputers of IBM, AMDAHI & CRAY. In 1978 STORAGE TEK developed the earliest moden type of SSD.

Around 1995 M- system announced a flash base sound state drives. Since then Miitary and Areospace industries are successfully using SSD as HARD DISK REPLACEMENT. In 2008 low last part notebooks appered with SSD and by 2009 it also started out appearing in laptops. An SOLID STATE DRIVE is frequently composed of DRAM erratic memory or primarily NAND DISPLAY non volatile memory.

Mostly all manufactures of SSD use non volatile flash memory to set-up rugged and compact equipment. They are also realize as flash drives which unfortunately dosenot require any battries. Flash SSD also support the memory during power disappointment. MICRON\INTEL SSD made faster flash drives by developing data striping and interleaving. Them allowed a creation of ULTRA FAST SSDs with 250 MB\s effective.

Till now SSD were very costly for widespread use in traveling with a laptop. Solid state disk is already accurately being named for the reason that SOLID STATE DRIVE - they have no disk but fuction for a drives.
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What the heck is Solid State Drive.
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