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 Nokia E75 Against Samsung I900 Omnia Head to head.

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PostSubject: Nokia E75 Against Samsung I900 Omnia Head to head.   Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:44 pm

Smartphone Nokia E75 completed with hidden QWERTY keyboard. This will give user simplicity of use to write email and editing Office file. Eventhough Samsung i900 isn't equipped with QWERTY laptop, but its using touchsreen solutions. Both of them started the same price tier. Which one is worth of choice?

Front face Samsung i900 is minimize because there is not many button on the software, similar to iPhone or maybe Nokia 5800. Completed with trackpad that may be also have confirmation press button OK. Where in Nokia E75 however using alfanumeric keypad, and hidden QWERTY keyboard should you slide it to ideal side. The size of a button is big a sufficient amount of, easier for user to help type quickly even on their behalf with big fingers.

Summary: Judging from the physic, of course Samsung i900 is better due to the minimize appearance.

Sizing for Samsung i900 tv screen is wider, 3. two inch with 262 color choice depth. Samsung i900 brings touchscreen technology and completed with widget in desktop seeing that shortcut to certain navigation. But Nokia E75 panel is smaller, 2. four inch, with 16 mil color depth. Both of these have of autorate with screen feature, which can go up into landscape or family portrait. Unfortunately, E75 screen isn't touchscreen. Although both smartphone are utilizing the same screen image resolution, 240 x 320 pixel.

Summary: Samsung i900 get an additional point from its show. With touchscreen, autorate, as well as wide screen, even typically the sharpness is under Nokia E75.

Digital camera
Samsung i900 also termed Omnia, completed with 5MPx high-end camera, better than Nokia E75, and also the biggest smartphone with Microsoft windows Mobile. Beside supported having autofocus, the camera can also be equipped with flash brightness, image stabilizer, face worldwide recognition, smile detector, and geotagging. To take pictures, screen position use landscape with aim press button in right side.

With ISO setting could be choose from 50 to help 800, white balance, colour effect, timer, and many picture mode options. Camera result quality is adequate in its class, sharp dan with color compotition near to the original. When using like video recorder, user are able to choose their desire answer, VGA with 15fps and / or QVGA with 30fps.

Nokia E75 digital camera is 3. 2MPx. camera lens isn't protected with cover, however it has LED flash light-weight from small mirror intended for self portrait. Without glasses cover, possible decrease this image quality, because lenc are actually ofter very vunerable right from scretch and dust. Additionally with camera aim press button, its position is definitely not ergonomic.

Eventhough the tv screen is big enough, however the display is not content. Flash light is definitely not helpful. Camera application is low and take a moment for loading camera. White balance could be set manually or intelligent, ISO sensitivity, and visualize sharpness, also some coloration effect. Whil using for the reason that video recorder, Nokia E75 only in a position to record from 30fps VGA image resolution.

Conclusion: obviously Samsung i900 camera is the greatest. Other than 5MPx vitality, their supported features will also be complete.

For wireless network connctivity, both smartphone is usually powerful. HSDPA connection provide them with access to internet with quicken to 3. 6Mbps. If users want to have free internet access, just switch on the WiFi to determine the nearest hotspot. With regard to sharing photos or new music with friends, user are able to transfer using Bluetooth. Of course normally they need to syncronize it with DESKTOP. On Nokia E75 completed with microUSB, unlike Samsung i900 who still using special UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS data cable.

Conclusion: Nokia E75 as well as Samsung i900 is possibly in connectivity.

Music features brought by means of Nokia E75 is adequate, eventhough it has limited features in view that Nokia E75 is small business phone. Nokia E75 support some music file format including MP3, AAC, eAAC+ as well as WMA. Music is shorted by title or artist, and may transfer from Bluetooth. Equalizer is actually ready with 5 setting option including bass booster-style and stereo widening. Bluetooth supported with A2DP, person can play music having wireless. Activated the Fm radio by plug the headset to click on music update from a radio station.

Mobile Office is ready to employ office files like Message, Excel, and PowerPoint. The most crucial is that user won抰 will need to pay extra, because clinic is ready for incorporate keywords, without any registration. Next to, it also have PDF FILE reader and ZIP fx broker. Nokia E75 have TRACKING chip which supporting Nokia Atlases 2. 0. to complete the 揾ard work? Nokia E75 completed with pocessor ARM 11 369Mhz.

Samsung i900 Omnia is actually using Windows Mobile 6. 1 Expert as operation system. To maintain the work stabile in addition to smooth, i900 using processor Marvell PXA312 624Mhz and additionally supported with 256 ROM as well as internal memory 8GB and additionally 16GB as option moreover external slot microSD. Accelerometer may also use to silent all the ring tone with only turn the bodies cells face down. Samsung Contact Player, is a multimedia player which has the capacity to play music or videos.

There is also FM radio that can be play as background together with RDS supported. No have got to upgrade, Office Suite in i900 in a position to read and edit Office environment file like Word, Stand out, and PowerPoint. Also Biz Card Target audience for reading name card and place it as entry straight in order to cantact from camera. Shozu directly connect with Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, and others. GPS chip plant inside i900 is created by Samsung itself, and also have very good work to make sure you lock the satellite.

Summary: from features, looks like Samsung i900 is preferable. Eventhough there are some featurea is a lot like Nokia E75, but further variable in Samsung i900.

If you want gotten to price, Nokia E75 could be alternative. It has QWERTY laptop, but the camera continues 3. 2MPx. Where Samsung camera is already 5MPx, and using touchscreen display interface. The processor is two times faster too. Specially with the help of huge internal memory also microSD slot. Seems like Samsung is preferable.
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Nokia E75 Against Samsung I900 Omnia Head to head.
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